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Physician's Reputation Defender

Physician's Reputation Defender


Physician's reputation is priceless. It took many years of formal education, medical training, years of residency, plenty of sacrifices, and years of practicing medicine for you to establish your professional authority. Your professional reputation is the legacy you're creating every day, one patient at a time. It is also a major factor determining the revenue and growth of your practice.


BE ADVISED: the information and medical reputation services described on this page apply to physicians as well dentists. (Dentist's reputation is as vulnerable Online as physician's!)


While you're hard at work earning your good reputation, search engines, digital medical media publishers, social media, business directories Online and some of your patients are influencing your physician's reputation Online.

Digital media are increasing in popularity at an unprecedented rate. Growing number of medical media publishers are affording patients a venue for expressing opinions about their physicians Online which is utilized to express gratitude as well as to criticize, belittle, and even besmear a physician who may - or may not - deserve it. It can also happen that someone with a hidden agenda (a personal enemy, a woman scorned, or a business competitor) may - anonymously no less! - contribute deliberately damaging or vindictive comments about you.

It gets worse, many media that welcome patients reviews don't allow physicians to dispute or even respond to opinions expressed by their patients. Even a patient who may have contributed a damaging comment while still ill - or in recovery - but has changed his or her mind later and would like to withdraw it, often times has no way of withdrawing his - or her - own comment.


In other words, your physician's reputation is quite vulnerable. Obviously, as a busy physician you can't afford to waste time chasing after every comment made about you Online. That's why Physicians Reputation Defender (a division of Internet Real Estate Tycoon) is here to take care of managing, monitoring, repairing and even reinventing physicians' reputations Online.


Prospective patients form an opinion of you as a physician and of your practice based on the search results found on the first page of the search engines. These search results can either contribute to - or significantly diminish - your professional reputation.

You may be too busy, but you can't afford to be negligent: there are valid personal, professional, social and financial reasons to protect your most valuable asset, your professional reputation. You can't afford not to have Physicians Reputation Defender on your side!


"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

(Warren Buffet)


Unlike our "competitors" whose focus is primarily on children's and family's reputation, Physicians Reputation Defender specializes in protecting physicians' reputation Online. We don't believe in doing "everything"; we're dedicated to doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else. In the same spirit, we don't use software that produces cookie-cutter results with one push of a button. Individual attention is given to each client until a satisfying outcome is achieved. (We actually contact digital media on behalf of our clients, dispute negative ratings and in many cases either succeed at having them removed or develop strategies that counteract existing poor patient reviews.)

To be fair, the other organizations Online have significantly lower rates. If cost is your main consideration and the fact that your professional reputation is "managed" with automation doesn't bother you, you should explore these cost-effective options, first. If on the other hand, you appreciate the value of your reputation and its impact on your revenue and legacy, Physicians Reputation Defender provides individualized reputation management administered by actual human beings. Physicians Reputation Defender doesn't use automated Webmaster's tricks to "handle" 10,000 customers at a time with a push of a button. We provide personalized services that meet our clients' individual objectives that no other firm currently provides. Our rates are higher than others, but no other reputation management firm produces the same quality results as Physicians Reputation Defender.


Physicians' Reputation Defender can monitor your reputation and / or manage it. Our specialty however is Physician's Reputation Damage Control. We can remedy and / or manage physician's reputation PROBLEMS and prevent most of them from reoccurring in the future! We handle difficult cases no other firm will take on and in situations when no damage control is possible, we can help a physician to reinvent his or her image Online, entirely.




- 90% of patients trust reviews of other patients

- 90% of patients use search engines as their main source of information

- 81% of patients do research Online prior to deciding on a physician

- 68% of patients will go to a different physician after seeing negative patient review of a physician or medical practice


Physician's Reputation Monitoring   Physician's Reputation Management    Physician's Reputation: Damage Control


(All three services featured below are available for the purpose of monitoring, managing or repairing dentist's reputation as well.)


Physician's Reputation Monitoring

Whether you're aware of it, or not, patients are talking about you Online. If the "talk" about you and your practice is monitored for accuracy and fairness on a regular basis, you - and your physician's reputation - are safe. If however negative patients' reviews of your work go unnoticed, they'll damage your professional reputation and decrease the revenue of your practice. Have your physician's reputation Online monitored!

Physicians' Reputation Defender provides Physician's Reputation Monitoring
(available and recommended to physicians with NO negative patients' reviews Online)

- Unnoticed negative patients' reviews of your work can damage your professional reputation and negatively impact your income.

- Physicians' Reputation Defender will monitor all information published about you Online, including patients' reviews.  

- You'll be promptly notified of any potential threat to your professional reputation. (Physicians' Reputation Defender will manage any incident on your behalf.)

BENEFIT: Awareness and the opportunity to react to emergency situations swiftly. 

Order Physician's Reputation Monitoring (Please use the same link for Dentist's Reputation Monitoring.)


Physician's Reputation Management

Since Internet influences public perceptions it's best to join the forward movement as opposed to resisting it. Physician's Reputation Management represents the pro-active approach to the phenomenon of the Internet: taking the bull by the horns and utilizing it to establish your professional authority Online, build your reputation Online as well as increase your patients' flow. This all-inclusive approach includes all three vital elements: expansion, prevention and management. Be pro-active, take control of your physician's reputation Online!

Physicians' Reputation Defender: Physician's Reputation Management

(available and recommended to physicians without history Online who are aware of the impact Internet can have on their practice and are looking for an all-inclusive solution that would allow them to be in control of their Online presence and reputation.) 

- Physician's Reputation Defender will establish your professional authority and presence Online, develop positive perception of you / your practice and welcome your satisfied patients to express their gratitude to you.

- Your confident image Online will deter negative patients' reviews and motivate prospective patients to make appointments with you

- We'll monitor Internet coverage of you and your practice as well as patients' reviews of your work

- We'll respond professionally and quickly to any potential Online crisis removing, disputing, or otherwise managing reviews of your work Online (at no additional cost); protecting your professional reputation at all times

- You'll be updated on your status Online, monthly.

BENEFITS: Having an established position of authority Online deters negative patients' reviews Online. Having your reputation Online monitored, protected and managed at all times will put you in control, prevent damage to your professional reputation Online and consequently, preserve your livelihood, authority and legacy.

Order Physician's Reputation Management (Please use the same link for Dentist's Reputation Management.)


Physician's Reputation: Damage Control

Physician's Reputation Defender can - and will - effectively address a singular negative patient's review, multiple negative patients' ratings and if necessary, even completely reinvent physician's image Online which may have been damaged beyond repair by negative patients' reviews. Have your tarnished physician's reputation restored to its original glory!

Physicians' Reputation Defender: Physician's Reputation Damage Control

(available and recommended to physicians who already have negative patients' reviews Online)

Internet has enabled free expression as no other medium in history. Add to it the benefit of anonymity Online and suddenly, any physician's professional reputation is a "free for all". Truthful or not, fair or not, negative patients' ratings can effectively put a physician out of business.  

- Physician's Reputation Defender will either remove, dispute, respond to, or otherwise manage negative reviews of your work Online consequently, improving your professional image and reputation Online

- Physician's Reputation Defender will monitor Internet for vicious or negative comments about you and / or your practice to prevent future damage to your professional reputation

BE ADVISED: in rare instances - such as a long term neglect of Online image - Physician's Reputation Damage Control may not be possible. Reinventing an Online image along with Online reputation nearly always is.

BENEFITS: Improved physician's reputation Online which will be reflected in many ways, including increased patients' flow.

Inquire about Physician Reputation's Damage Control  (Please use the same link for Dentist's Reputation Damage Control.)

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